Let us introduce you to our new favourite fragrance, Gold Magic by Little Mix! As you guys know, we absolutely love Little Mix and their music, but now they have launched their very own debut fragrance! Lydia and I were lucky enough to attend the launch party for Gold Magic and had the chance to meet and interview the girls which was such an incredible experience. The interview with Little Mix is on our YouTube channel here!

The name 'Gold Magic' stemmed from Little Mix's brand new single 'Black Magic' which was described as 'hidden confidence' by the girls. It's their 'secret potion' and it's now ours too! You can definitely tell how much thought and effort has gone into making this fragrance, Little Mix were very involved in the fragrance process and choosing each ingredient for the fragrance! The fragrance is definitely sophisticated and glamorous, with hints of fruits such as red apple and raspberry, pretty violets but it also has the freshness of watermelon with the base being really musky. Each member picked their favourite scent, Perrie even based the fragrance on taste too, as she loves lemon meringue! This fragrance can be worn in the day time and can also be taken into the evening, as it has the freshness but also the musky notes, making it so glamorous! I love how the fragrance captures all the girls individual personalities!

The bottle is also so glam, the heavy bottle makes it feel really special but I also love how it's decorated with a Little Mix 'LM' pendant charm that you can take off and wear! This is such a nice touch but also finishes of the gold magic bottle perfectly! The packaging for the fragrance is beautiful, with each girl on each side of the packaging. I love the bronze look and the styling of the girls on the packaging, they look like bronze goddesses! It was a pleasure meeting our favourite girl band and if you are looking for a new sophisticated fragrance that will make you feel so glam, this one is definitely for you! It's available now in Superdrug and Boots, starting at £19.95!

The fragrance comes in three sizes so I am considering even buying a smaller size bottle for my handbag! I'm obsessed! Also don't forget to check out our interview with Little Mix on our YouTube channel., i have also linked it below! Check out the video down below! It's one of our favourites! The biggest congratulations to Little Mix as Black Magic reached #1 on the BigTop40 and we can't wait to hear the new album 'Get Weird!' Cant wait to hear it!


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  1. You two are so cute! I saw this video about a week back I think..? I'm not too sure but you guys are just adorable!

    Heba xx || The Heba

  2. This is such a great post. I watched your video a while back and it was incredible. I also loved your Little Mix Get the Look video. You guys always manage to put a smile on my face :) x

    | Caoimhe xo | |

  3. love this and the jumper lucy is wearing in the top picture is so nice! anyone know where it is from?x

  4. I love this post, also I loved your PIA MIA GET THE LOOK! And your new vid Beach, summer essentials you put so much effort into your vids and blogposts, you should be proud of yourself also please look at my Instagram im posting now... @gluciagoals 😊💟✨

  5. I really want to get this perfume! It looks amazing :)x

    Anu | My life as Anu | bloglovin

  6. I love this post girlies & your video with little mix is one of my faves! Love your blog posts!!! 💖

  7. that perfume looks really nice. Love this post

  8. You two are so cute! I can't wait until this comes out in South Africa so I can get it! x

    1. I just realized I'm the second person to comment on this post how cute you are haha

  9. I want to try to do some offline.


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